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Thank you for your interest, but as of December 2013, Diversified is no longer accepting clients.

Our Process
Diversified will work with you and your enterprise architects to collect business needs, write requirements, wireframe and storyboard, and then can work with your teams or use our own as the sole developers or as augmented staff to design an application as your partners. We develop long-standing relationships with our clients with extremely reasonable pricing and fast response times. Our develpment process is iterative and collaborative so we'll always deliver releases that meet your prioritized needs. Process Services include:
  • Business capability mapping
  • Enterprise inventory and architecture
  • API & 3rd party integration documentation
  • Deployment, redundancy and backup planning
  • Taxonomy, permissions and app-layer controls
  • Governance architecture

Pre-Written (SaaS) Solutions
DivCart: One of the most flexible shopping cart systems ever written. DivCart allows you to quickly and easily maintain the products and categories on your web site. It allows for cross-selling, MAP pricing, item-based freight, accessory sales, product options, featured products, automated credit card processing, complete administrative order, reporting and product areas and much more!
RatingsLink: Our major media group specializes in application programming for radio stations. They provide pre-written, customizable web systems such as; contest manager, music surveys, event manager, member manager, and snow closings for schools and businesses, instant messengers, and much more. This software package is constantly expanding and has become extremely popular among industry insiders.
Poll/Survey Manager: Our Poll Manager Software allows you to build simple surveys with unlimited questions and unlimited multiple choice possibilities. It allows administrators to choose whether visitors who participate in the survey get redirected to a new web page, see a thank you message, or are shown the real-time results of the survey. You can alse choose whether visitors can see the results before voting or only after voting. It also allows the administrator to set how often a person can vote (in minutes).

Custom Web Programming Examples
Telecom Sales: Proposals took the company hours to create. We were tasked to create an application that would fill in prices and many standard line items but still allow the sales person to make price and description changes on the fly. Added the ability to turn any proposal into a job and send the necessary information to the book keeping computers. Also manages technical support time and a client contact list.

Law Firm: Tasked to create an application that would allow other lawyers to upload case data to a web server and allow our client to issue legally binding subpoenas to banks and defendants. We extended this application to manage all of the printing, accounting military exceptions and execution orders on served subpoenas.

Trucking Company: Built an application to manage all inventory incoming, outgoing, and in storage at their warehouse. Allows drivers to print on-truck inventory lists to check over before leaving and for clients to sign off on when delivered. Manages weights and truck limitations. Allows the attachment of scanned bills of lading and purchase orders to any job.

Design Firm: Task tracking application that accepts incoming orders, follows the progress of each order in-house. Dollar amounts are assigned to each employee and hourly tally's are kept to make sure billing is in accordance with proposals. Prior to launch, we added the ability to attach and upload large files to the server so that designers could pass their work onto the next employee working on the project. Added a quality control aspect for management and client sign-off as well.

Online Dating: Built an application to allow members to sign up and place themselves into a group of related single members. Members can contact other members from either inside their chosen group (spiritual, gothic, hip-hop, etc.) or from any other group on the site. The site was designed to minimize search time and to encourage visitors to sign up quickly.

Advanced Surveys: Diversified built a music testing system to allow radio stations and rating companies to upload song clips, invite participants, ask a series of questions, and then analyze that data. The program breaks down data in many easy to understand methods including listening time, age, sex, location, song choices, etc. This application is now part of the RadioApp series, sold by our media division, RatingsLink.

Automated Security and Network Analysis: Tasked to build an application that would constantly check various IP's and ports within a large server farm and relay statistical information back to administrators instantly.

Reservation Systems: Diversified has written a few reservation systems in the past. All of them allow for client data to change easily and move between dates and rooms or cottages. Designed to be run with little to no training for new employees.

Idea Generation: Tasked to write a system that would allow writers to spawn ideas in various categories by randomly generating words based on interactive questions.

Customer Satisfaction Survey: At the completion of a job, our client wanted to send a survey out to their client asking various satisfaction related questions. The information would be delivered back in the form of an email.

Unique Solutions
Rip/Reap a site and extract prices and item names into a CSV or Excel file:
Thought to be impossible, we have come up with a method to extract data from a vendor or competitor's web site and write that data to an Excel file. This is useful for creating price lists, comparing your prices to someone elses, importing prices into a new software system, etc.
Get around the Google Panda/Farmer update:
We had two clients affected by the new Panda algorhythm and came up with unique, custom programming which allowed them to defeat the duplicate-content checks. One injects additional keyword based text aligned to the right within the text block at the end of each line and the other, i'm afraid, remains proprietary code.

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